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     Long Pond Greenbelt
Photos from our Panama trips
Blue Continga, seen on the grounds of the Gamboa
Blue-crowned Motmot, seen on the grounds of the Gamboa as well as Pipeline Road
Red-legged Honeycreeper: common, seen at Gamboa and Metropolitan Park
Collared Aracari, seen on Pipeline Road
Flame-rumped Tanager, common on the grounds of the Gamboa
View from the room at Gamboa Rainforest Resort
Geoffroy’s Tamarin, seen on Achiote Road
Howler Monkey, a natural alarm clock in the morning
Joe and Jacobo, the two leaders on the trip
Panama Canal. We visit this engineering marvel!
Panama City. We have one dinner in the city!
Pygmy Kingfisher, the smallest of the kingfishers in the Americas, seen near Achiote Road
Sloth, seen in all areas of the Canal Zone
Spectacled Owl- not seen every year but lives close to our hotel
Squirrel Cuckoo. It’s a cuckoo that acts like a squirrel, common at Gamboa, Pipeline Road
White-whisked Puffbird. Hardly ever moves and is usually at eye level- Pipeline Road